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Illuxcon 2010, Altoona
Petar will be attending the Illuxcon 2010 held in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

He will take part in the Showcase Event that will be held from 7 pm until 11 pm on Friday, November 12th, and from 9 am until noon on Saturday, November 13th.

A few original oil paintings will be displayed and offered for sale (please, see the images of the paintings below). Also there will be a selection of Petar’s original Tarzan comic pages as well as the original drawings and sketches and a number of oil/acrylic illustrations on paper from his book King Arthur and the Knights of Round Table. All displayed work will be for sale. Beside the original work Petar will present a limited number of copies of his book The Legend of Steel Bashaw, recently published by Flesk Publications.
Tarzan page 2
Tarzan page 3
The Knight and the dwarfs