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The US edition of The Legend of Steel Bashaw coming soon!!!
This is fantastic news!

The Legend of Steel Bashaw is going to be published in the United States in August 2010 by Flesk Publications, a renowned American publisher of beautiful, sophisticated, high quality art books. The US edition will be smaller in size then the Serbian edition, but it will have more pages and more art. It will be enriched by “The Making of…” bonus section, which will contain many sketches and preparatory drawings accompanied with the text lines describing the process of creation of the book. For more information about the upcoming Flesk edition of The Legend of Steel Bashaw, and other Flesk publications, please go to

The Legend of Steel Bashaw US

Beside that, Flesk Publications recently posted an Interview with Petar on their website. This interview covers what The Legend of Steel Bashaw is about, and about Petar's painting techniques and his approach to art and the making of. To read the interview please go to